Discover 10 free, high-powered tools to amplify your crypto profits and maximize your success in the digital currency market

1. DeFiLlama - The Swiss Army Knife of DeFi

With DeFiLlama, you can access every DeFi vertical (categories, unlocks, stables, volume) across almost every application today

2. Arkham Intelligence - Deanonoymizing the Blockchain

lets users explore blockchain addresses, study both sides of a transaction and look into counterparty relationships.

3. - The Ultimate Crypto Data Aggregator

Compare on-chain data across the top ecosystems, comparable to DeFiLlama. Daily Active Addresses, Transactions, TVL, Volume.

4. - Smart Money Tracker

The capacity to spot profitable blockchain chances by keeping an eye on whales' activity.

5. - Crypto Fundamentals

Utilize on-chain data to assess cryptocurrency projects, including TVL, Volume, Price-to-Sales, Daily User Growth, and others.

6. DuneAnalytics (

Dune is one of the most strong dashboard data aggregators on the market, giving users access to hundreds of dashboards selected by several crypto experts.

7. LunarCrush - Social Activity Watcher

Track the latest trending tokens by social activity, mentions, articles and trading volume over time.

8. - On-chain Visualizer

Bubblemaps is an essential tool that enables you to examine any token, identify possible red flags, and prioritize your safety.

9. Token Unlocks - Supply Tracker

With its user-friendly tokenomics charts, you can easily track vesting schedules and stay informed about upcoming unlocks.

10. - Everything Crypto Data

thousands of dashboards (my favorite being available for you to track anything from liquidity, users, NFTs, to comparative analysis. Really awesome tool!