“Rate Limit Exceeded” and “#TwitterDown” are the two top trending topics on the app in the US, for those who have use  it.

Thousands of users complained about limited access to Twitter as Elon Musk imposed restrictions to prevent unauthorized data scraping.

The crackdown led to widespread service disruptions, with over 7,500 people reporting problems on Downdetector.

#TwitterDown trended in some regions, highlighting the impact of the restrictions on the social media platform.

Twitter's recent change required users to log in to view tweets and profiles, deviating from its previous open access approach.

Musk explained the restrictions as a temporary measure to address data pillaging and ensure better service for regular users.

Unverified accounts can now read only 600 posts per day, while verified accounts have a limit of 6,000 posts per day.

Users may be locked out of Twitter after scrolling through a few hundred tweets due to the new restrictions.

Musk's introduction of an $8 per month subscription service aimed to boost Twitter's revenue and regain advertiser confidence.